The trustees and supporters of the Juan de Fuca Plate gratefully acknowledges the following contributors to making the Plate a reality.


Stuart Allen Brett Graham The Primrose Family
Julian Anderson Karl Hoenhe Devon Rowcliffe
Adam Chatburn Phil Hoover Paul Sabourin-Hertzog
Shawn Coleridge John Humphries Mike Schlodder
Jim Franklin Benjamin Massey Drew Shaw
Bryan Freitag Michael McColl Jason Swalwell
J. Fynn Zachary Meisenheimer David Wicks
Alexander Goatcher Daniel Olson Chris Withers


Thank you to Drew Shaw for organizing the creation of the physical Juan de Fuca Plate, carving the wooden base, and handling donations and an endless array of other factors that got the Plate off the ground.

Unless otherwise stated, photographs and website content are by Benjamin Massey and property of the trustees of the Juan de Fuca Plate.

Thank you to the following photographers for providing their pictures for use, free of charge, on this website: